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My home is your home, your home is my home

day 1 - someone you wish you could have back in your life.
day 2 - something you believe in.
day 3 - your thoughts on god.
day 4 - something/someone you dislike.
day 5 - all about you.
day 6 - best memory.
day 7 - bestfriend.
day 8 - boyfriend.
day 9 - favourite place.
day 10 - something you wish you could go back in time for.
day 11 - what are you doing today?
day 12 - best night spent with someone.
day 13 - your thought on love, is it real?

The best memory of my life.. I don't know.. Maybe the first time I meet Jules, maybe some memories of my childhood, maybe some memories of three years relationship with my ex-boyfriend, maybe some memories of my friendship with a friend of mine, I don't know.. There are so many memories I have to smile when I think of them..

Mein Blog zieht nach Tag 13 um, manche haben den neuen, manche nicht!
1.11.10 12:20

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